How Can I Benefit From Google My Business?

How Can I Benefit From Google My Business?

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Looking for the right opportunity to better establish and promote your business? Then look no further. Google My Business offers a string of benefits to better connect you with more customers and share your business worldwide.

One of the most popular ways for people to find businesses is through search engines. And millions of business owners are relying on Google My Business to reach new customers.

Google Search and Google Maps are two of the most commonly used but Google My Business has made some exciting new changes. Their interface is fully designed to let users see where and how people are finding them on Google.

Staying on top of what feels like a million and one things is hard. Fortunately, these services can guide you through the chaos and put you on the path to productivity.

Find out the many benefits of Google My Business today.

Google My Business Offers Google Maps Photos

The insights section of your Google My Business offers a new metric for the listings of your photos. This means that Google will show you how many views your photos are getting compared to other businesses similar to yours. An incredible feature that can surely benefit you and your business!

Simply go to Google My Business's card view, click on 'manage business' and then click on the Insights tab at the top. Once you scroll down you'll notice the photos section for insights.

This section displays a number of photos in relation to your listing. It also shows how often they are viewed in comparison to similar businesses. In the "Photo Views" graph, you can see the number of times Google users viewed your photo. You'll also find a "Photo Quantity" graph that will show you the number of photos you've uploaded.

The drop-down menu in the top left corner allows you to adjust the timeframe and look at data from 7, 30, or 90 days. Hover your mouse over a specific day on the graph and you'll see the data for that day only. Your company's data will be safely stored and properly organized.

The lines on the graphs compare your business's photo data with photo data from similar businesses.

If you manage a nail salon, Google My Business will compare your business to other shops in your area. Unless there aren't enough businesses like yours nearby, you should be able to see this information. And if you look at the right side of the graph, you'll see the total number of photos based on the data points you've chosen.

Finding Your Listing

An amazing feature that Google My Business offers is the chance to track the number of people searching for your business. Upon logging in, you will see the total number of views for your listing as well as a breakdown of how many are coming from Google Search instead of Maps. This feature can be helpful when deciding on keywords for any content on your website.

How People Are Finding You

The typical person will search for your business by name while others might have a more general search. A person might search, "nail salons in [your town].", for example. The point here is: people will make searches based on their current needs. In fact, someone might consider 2 or 3 other businesses before settling on one.

With Google My Business, you will be able to see who visited your listing after directly searching for it. You will also be able to see who discovered your business while looking for a much broader category. Both options are designed to help you keep track of your current and prospective clients.

You should ensure that the information you provide is helpful and relevant to others. You should be keeping your listings updated as well. Make sure that your hours are correct and posted clearly.

Adding photos and responding to reviews consistently will also guide more customers your way. By focusing these new insights for local listings on Google Search and Maps, you can better maintain and promote your business.

Trying to reach more customers who are searching for your business category? You can also promote your listing with AdWords Express – another helpful tool!

Return Customers Reporting

It's a great idea to keep track of the number of customers returning to your business. Google My Business dashboards offer two new reporting insights that track the amount of returning customers to a business and the busiest times.

The 'Popular Times' graph can be especially useful and is shown publicly in the knowledge graph (for certain businesses). Business owners who want immediate access to the information will benefit from this feature.

The 'Return Customers' circle graph shows the percentage of people that have visited a business more than once in a certain time period. This is a completely new set of data that users haven't had access to in the past. This information helps to determine if your business is thriving on returning clients or if customers only come in once or twice.

This isn't a feature that everyone will have access to, as it is rolling out gradually. Google My Business has hinted at an upgrade so that it can be available to more specific areas.

18-Months Worth of Data Exporting

As a Google My Business user, you have the ability to export up to 18-months worth of data from your listings. That's a TON! Bulk downloads of data can be a lifesaver for managers. It gives you the chance to export data no matter how many locations are being managed.

Small businesses with one location can search for insights from the past year with ease. And a larger agency that manages more than one location can export 12-18 months' worth of data from the GMB dashboard. The dashboard data includes:

  • Total searches
  • Direct searches
  • Discovery searches
  • Total views search views
  • Maps views
  • Total actions
  • Website actions
  • Directions actions
  • Phone call actions

For business owners looking to increase their visibility, Google My Business can be a great step in the right direction. You will be able to direct more traffic towards your business and share it worldwide.

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