SEO Died, or Did it?

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I don't know if you heard, but SEO died, again.

We can listen to the pessimists, who believe that SEO dies at least once a year, but SEO will still always make a come back.

Let's look at this in a little more detail. I want to answer the question "why does SEO always come back?" With everything that has happened with Google algorithm updates and changes in marketing, there is a ton of evidence as to why SEO still reigns (and probably always will).

A Real Crash; When SEO Died, Or Kind Of

In 2007, when Facebook began to grab the attention of business marketers, the SEO world was much more simple compared to these days. As well, social media, while a big part of digital marketing, wasn't at the level you see today.

Google came out with the updates 'panda' and 'penguin' which presented a positive impact on the SEO industry. However, it also made the job more difficult. Some may say it was the end of their career, while others believe it forced people to concentrate harder on making valuable content that actually provided site visitors with useful information.

SEO died

Social media gurus took these changes and proclaimed that SEO died! Gone were the days that you could spin a 300-word blog post and web 2.0 links for rankings. In return, marketers turned towards Facebook, a brighter side; but it wasn't what it seemed to be.

The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side

Many marketers began to believe that a business Facebook page was a better strategy than Google to bring in more free traffic. They didn't want to spend extra time creating SEO approved content that Google would rank depending on the guidelines.

On the side of Facebook, they were encouraging businesses to create brand pages and build a fan base. This was often done through paid ads. Most marketers loved it because the results seemed amazing and easy; almost all of your audience saw most of your posts. It created an easier way to direct relevant traffic to a website.

Facebook Brand Page Ads SEO died
Facebook Brand Page Ads

No more than a few posts per day could lead to a small audience of 10,000 to drive 1-5,000 daily website visitors.

SEO's Grass Turned Greener

Everything was going well for marketers until Facebook began to limit the organic reach that brand pages got.

Marketers went from easily reaching out to their target audience, who saw almost all posts, to our situation today: most pages only reaching 1% of an audience. It got to the point where marketers had no choice but to pay more if they wanted to reach more of their audience.

These occurrences with Facebook supported some things that marketers should have already known but potentially pushed to the back of their memory.

First, it's not smart to only rely on one traffic source; you shouldn't only rely on SEO either!

You should think about the importance of multi-channel marketing where you use multiple channels of marketing to increase your website traffic. This way, if one is not performing well, you can lean towards the other channels.

SEO Will Never Die

The second mistake which marketers ignored is to think that SEO died or ever will. SEO may not always look exactly the same, I highly doubt it will ever stop evolving with how the Google algorithm works.

Even with the change in technology like voice search and artificial intelligence, marketers will always be on the edge of their seats. Also, SEO wizards will become even more important.

SEO died

Many marketers have come back to SEO in reaction to Facebook decreasing their organic search and just for the reason that SEO is an amazing and powerful channel.

Although SEO requires more effort in creating quality content, you can't really do much on social media or other channels without it. In other words, your channels will be insignificant to your audience if you don't have valuable information to offer.

Best of all, this effort is being put into your very own website, instead of another platform. You create the rules on how you use your content and where to put it. Channels like Facebook can't decide when to minimize your content's visibility if it is on your website.

Play Your Cards Right

Those marketers I discussed earlier, who relied on one marketing channel, have learned their lesson the hard way. It also includes marketers in the firearms, cryptocurrency, and bail bond industries. Now, they are left with nothing, but with SEO this won't happen to you.

Your rankings may change but the content you create will always remain yours. As long as you play your cards right and fit within the Google guidelines, you will succeed.

If you want to do well in SEO, you need to stay updated about changes in the Google algorithm. Those marketers who failed, it was because they became lazy and wanted quick and easy results. So, Facebook seemed to be the heaven of website traffic. But it changed and SEO seemed to have the greener grass.

What to Take From all of This

SEO can get you some amazing results if you stay updated and on top. If you're not willing to put in the effort, SEO will not do much for you.

It doesn't matter what channel you're using in the end, you need to put the effort in and you always need to stay on top.

Relying on one channel or giving up on SEO is not the answer, you are better than this! Put the work in, show your effort, and stay on top.

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